UCL Academy Learning to Make a Difference Together

The UCL Academy is sponsored by UCL with specialisms in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) and Languages; we are a centre of learning and a hub for the local community.

UCL is an institution founded to ensure equality of access to education. Therefore UCL Academy strives to support students from all walks of life. The UCL Academy is not a selective school.

Working with our sponsor, we are building an inspiring school which supports young people to develop as individuals, to set and achieve high targets for themselves.

The UCL Academy provides its students with an education for Global Citizenship by:

  • Establishing a strong learning culture with excellent, creative and imaginative teaching across the curriculum;
  • Putting emphasis on independent and collaborative learning, student choice and programmes of study which are tailored to the individuals interests, aspirations and progress to date;
  • Reviewing students learning and progress on a regular basis;
  • Giving each student mentoring support to ensure they make positive decisions about their academic career.

We are delighted with the interest and support shown in the UCL Academy. It is hard to believe that this September we commence the second year. The UCL Academy will welcome a new Foundation and Level 3 cohort with our current students progressing into Level 1 and Level 3 plus. The Academy will reach its full capacity of 1150 students by the autumn of 2016.

The website is designed to provide you with up-to-date information about the Academy; we will post further information as we progress throughout the year. Reading our blog and following us on Twitter will help to keep you informed with all that is happening at this very exciting time.

Mrs G Davies

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