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About Our Sponsor

UCL is one of the top universities in the UK, and one of the top 25 universities in the world.

It has extensive, world-class facilities and employs some of the world's leading academics. Sponsorship of an Academy allows us to make those facilities and that expertise available on a formal basis to students, as a means of extending the traditional curriculum, providing access to new ways of learning and exposing them to 'life at university' from a young age.  We believe that this supports students of all ability levels to higher levels of attainment and enthusiasm for further study.

UCL, as our sponsor, provides a comprehensive programme of support to enhance teaching at the UCL Academy. This includes activities for students beyond the classroom, staff development opportunities and avenues to engage with research.

In return, staff and students at the Academy help UCL to understand more about the secondary education sector, enabling the university to continue developing its approach to teaching and learning and the transition from secondary to higher education. The partnership supports UCL’s commitment to being a publicly engaged institution with an interest in the education of London students.

UCL has a long tradition of collaboration with schools in Camden.  The Academy is a base from which UCL is able to enhance the support it provides to these schools.  Additionally, the Academy is part of the Camden Campus for Learning, with a commitment to contributing to the introduction of the 14-19 specialist Diplomas, taking a lead on the Engineering Diploma.

Please click here to view details of current partnership activities with UCL and here for the Academy's page on the UCL website.

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