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Curriculum Overview

Our Lower School Curriculum, 'The UCL Academy Connected Curriculum', evolved from:

  • the IMYC;
  • our sponsor UCL's vision for the Academy;
  • principles of Collaborative Group Learning and;
  • the Academy's 6 pillars of learning.

Curriculum information is available through the links below. The links below will grant access to Topic, Content and Skills being addressed within each Unit (lasting one half term) for each of the lower school groups (Foundation, Level 1 and Level 1+). Combined they account for three years of study within The UCL Academy.

These are active documents and are always being enhanced in-line with innovations and emergent findings of in-house and external research projects.

Foundation Overview

Level 1 and Level 1+ Overview

See the below link for information about Assessment at The UCL Academy

Assessment at The UCL Academy

Connected Curriculum 

The Academy's curriculum is based on the premise that students learn best when they can make meaning and sense from their learning. Using the IMYC curriculum as its basis, the Academy's Connected Curriculum emphasises specialist subject teaching within a broadly thematic framework. 

These themes (Big Ideas) act as a thread running through a half term of work and urge students to apply their learning from a range of subjects to a main concept or real world issue. 

A great example of the connected curriculum in practice can be found here: Big Ideas: Foundation students design their own civilisations