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Entry Requirements

Are you enthusiastic about developing as a whole person? Equally interested in the sciences and the humanities? Want to be competitive in the working world, while forming an understanding of its greater context? We are your school.

Application Form Entry 2018/19

The UCL Academy is an exciting, stimulating place to learn, with a curriculum which focuses on problem-solving, skills development and real-world issues and ideas. We’re here to help you realize your potential — now, and into the future.

In return for your commitment, energy and hard work, we can offer you a stimulating programme of study, and the kind of opportunities that will really make a difference to the way that university admissions tutors and employers will view you.

 Please click here for more information on the subjects we plan to offer in 2018/19.

In 2018 all GCSE subjects will be moving to the 1-9 scale of attainment, with the exception of Engineering and Mandarin which will continue to be graded A*-U.

For Entry in September 2018 the following criteria will be in place:

1. Six subjects grades 5 to 9, including English and Mathematics with an overall average score of no less than 5.5

2. No subject in the group of six to have a grade lower than a 5, with a preference of 6 in both English Language and Mathematics

3. Preference will be to students achieving at least a 6 in subjects that are to be taken at A-Level.

4. For unreformed subjects, a B will be considered a 6

In addition, specific subject requirements are set out below

The above criteria will allow us to maintain our offer in line with our curre 

Entry Requirements
Biology / Chemistry / Physics Grade 6 or above in the subject you wish to study. If you have not previously studied these subjects, you must achieve a Grade 7 or above in Double Science / Core and Additional Science. You must also achieve an 7 or above in GCSE Mathematics if you wish to study Physics.
Computer Science Grade 6 or above in GCSE Mathematics
Drama Grade 6 in GCSE English Literature. Please note, a preference will be given to those who also achieve a Grade 6 in GCSE Drama.
Deisgn Technology (Deisgn Engineering) Grade 6 in both Core and Additional Science (equivalent to two GCSEs). Please note, a preference will be given to those who also achieve a grade 6 in GCSE Design and Technology.

English Literature

Grade 6 or equivalent in GCSE English Literature
Fine Art Grade 6 in GCSE Art and Design
Further Mathematics Grade 8 or equivalent in GCSE Mathematics




Grade 6 in GCSE Geography

Grade 6 in GCSE German
History Grade 6 in GCSE History
Mathematics Grade 7 or equivalent in GCSE Mathematics
Mandarin Grade B in GCSE Mandarin
Music Grade 6 in GCSE Music or Grade 5 Theory and Grade 5 or above in your main instrument
Sociology Grade 6 in any Humanities subject
Spanish Grade 6 in GCSE Spanish

To apply, click here.

Please note that applications that are sent to the Academy without UPNs and UCIs will be returned to applicants.  This information can be obtained from your school's exams officer. If you attend an independent school, you should be able to at least obtain your UCL number.

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