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The UCL Academy opened in September 2012 and is committed to ensuring a balanced and comprehensive intake for the Academy.  The Admissions Policy is aligned with the policies operated by Camden for admission to its community schools.

The Academy admits 180 students each year to Foundation Level (Year 7) and uses the Common Application Form, adhering to Camden’s admissions timetable. Please note therefore, that there is not a separate application form for parents to complete when applying to Foundation Level at The UCL Academy as part of the secondary transfer process. In order to apply to Foundation Level at The UCL Academy for your child, you must list The UCL Academy according to your preference on the Common Application Form. 

Please see the following link for more information: https://www.eadmissions.org.uk/eAdmissions/app

Please note that putting The UCL Academy as your first and/or only preference on the Common Application Form does not guarantee your child a place at the Academy.


Please click here for The UCL Academy's Admissions Policy 2019/20

Please click here for The UCL Academy's Admissions Policy 2018/19.

Please click here for The UCL Academy's Admissions Policy for previous years.


In year Application 

Please click here for a copy of The UCL Academy’s in-year application form. Please note, this form is for applications for in-year transfers only and cannot be used to apply for your child’s secondary school transfer (as per the above information).

Distance from the UCL Academy

You can find out the distance from your home to the Academy by using Camden's Distance Calculator.

Guidance on Social and Medical Applications

All Camden schools have similar facilities and therefore there are very few reasons that can be considered exceptional and mean that the child can only attend one school.  A medical condition or difficult social circumstances does not necessarily constitute as a social or medical reason to attend the school.  Whilst the circumstances of the parent are important in deciding on a child’s preferences, we often cannot take this into account unless a social and/or medical professional has deemed this to be pertinent to the child’s application.

If you believe that your child’s application warrants exceptional consideration, it is important for you to supply independent evidence from a reliable and verifiable source (for example, a clinical psychologist, paediatrician, educational psychologist ) and must make a case for – and make explicit reference to - the UCL Academy being the only school that can meet the child’s particular needs.

The Panel will objectively assess the evidence submitted on why the child can only attend a particular school.  The Panel will make its decision in accordance with the Equalities Act 2010.

Based on previous decisions, the Social and Medical Panel did not consider the following as exceptional circumstances to warrant a place at the Academy:

  • Asthma;
  • Eczema;
  • Allergies;
  • Diabetes;
  • Car / travel sickness;
  • Dispensing of medication that may require some training as this can be undertaken by any school;
  • Speech and language delay or special educational needs, for example, dyslexia – all schools are able to draw on resources and experience to support pupils with these issues;
  • Need for the child to stay in friendship groups; 
  • Attendance at the nursery and not obtained a reception place;
  • Care arrangements where carer lives close to a particular school.

Nor is the Panel able to consider letters from the following:

  • Primary Schools;
  • Local Community Workers;
  • Priests or Pastors;
  • Local MPs;
  • Social professionals in relation to a medical condition;
  • Medical professionals in relation to social circumstances.

If you still wish to be considered under this criterion, please mark on the common application form. If making an in-year application, please also mark this on the application form.

In January of each year, the Social and Medical Panel, made up of members of the admissions committee and the admissions officer will meet to discuss all of the social and medical applications that have been provided with supporting evidence and applicants will be notified of the priority that the application has been given as offers cannot be confirmed before 1 March of each year.

If the Panel is unable to consider your application against the social and medical criterion, you will be informed that the application will then be assessed under the distance criterion.

The Social and Medical Panel cannot consider any social or medical applications after offers day. If you have not been offered a place at the school of your choice, you will have the right to appeal.

If a late application is made under the social and medical criterion after the point at which 180 places have been allocated to students and is successful, the applicant will be placed on the waiting list in accordance with the oversubscription criteria.

Appeals Against Admission Decisions

If your child has been refused a place at a Camden school you have the right to appeal to an independent panel.  This is your opportunity to explain your reasons for wanting to send your child to the school.  The independent panel will decide if those reasons are strong enough to overturn the decision of the Council.

Secondary Transfer Admissions and Appeals 2018
  • 31 October 2018 - closing date for secondary transfer applications

  • 1 March 2019 – offer letters sent by the Local Authority

  • 29 March 2019 – deadline for Committee Services to receive completed appeal forms (forms must be obtained from the Camden Admissions Team)

  • Appeals to be heard June 2019

Appeal Against School Admission Decision

Please click the link below for more information about appeals

The UCL Academy Appeal Hearings for Secondary Transfer 2017/18

Twelve appeals were heard by an independent appeals panel appointed by Camden Council for secondary transfer entry in 2018/19, of which zero appeals were upheld.