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Personal, social, health and citizenship education

PSHCE is branded as ‘Global Citizenship’ at the Academy to support our vision of developing students’ internationalism and ability to navigate an increasingly globalised society.

The curriculum deliberately places great emphasis on British values and mental health/wellbeing so that our students are able to safeguard themselves in an increasingly complex social landscape both during their time in school and beyond. 

All students receive 30 minutes of PSHCE per week during their House Time sessions on a weekly basis. This is delivered to classes grouped by age so we can effectively tailor the curriculum to best meet their developmental needs. As  in every other curriculum area, topics connect to The Big Idea. Please see the attached curriculum map for more information on what students are learning. 
PSHCE themes are highly interdisciplinary and as such, are explored across the curriculum in a variety of other subjects. For example, financial literacy in maths, puberty in science and mental health in drama. 
Students also develop their PSHCE skills and knowledge through the Self-Directed-Learning programme in opportunities such as the mindfulness B. club and Duke of Edinburgh award. Each of the 5 houses has a ‘House Project’ that encourages students to develop an area of the every child matters objectives in school: be healthy (VE), stay safe (CY), enjoy and achieve (OR), achieve economic wellbeing (LY) & make a positive contribution (EQ). 

Curriculum Map

Please find a link to the curriculum map below: