UCL Academy Learning to Make a Difference Together
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STEM Encounters with Excellence

Founders4Schools' mission is to improve the life chances of students by giving them access to inspiring business leaders in their community who help them discover the skills and pathways that will be relevant when they leave education.

The UCL Academy recently linked with Founders4Schools to create a programme aimed to inspire STEM-based entrepreneurial careers. 

The vision is:

  • For students to experience authentic challenges by working with experiences successful people on real projects. 
  • For students to build experiences that complement their academic and personal development such as leadership, teamwork, resilience and meeting deadlines.
  • For students to gain experience running all aspects of a company, and of different aspects of work to bring a finished product to market.

Details about the on-going programme can be found here: F4S-UCLAcademy Integrated Form Challenge.pdf