UCL Academy Learning to Make a Difference Together
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A Superstudio is a group of linked teaching spaces which encourage students to move between activities: to work collaboratively and across disciplines.  

Superstudios bring together traditional classrooms, small and larger seminar rooms and open learning space to create a vibrant and dynamic learning space which can accommodate a range of teacher and student-led activity at any one time.

The vision for the UCL Academy curriculum puts emphasis on interdisciplinary and problem-based learning and on 'stage not age' progression, with students making personal choices to build a curriculum that meets their needs and aspirations. The Superstudio concept has been developed specifically to support this vision, drawing upon research into highly successful schools from across the world.

Academy students spend as much as 60% of their learning time working in Superstudios.  Science, Engineering and Art all benefit from their own Superstudio spaces.

There are five Superstudios in the UCL Academy.  The Foundation Superstudio is exclusively for the use of students in their first year at the Academy; the other Superstudios are levels-based, which means that each Superstudio will be used to teach the full range of subjects that the Academy teaches at a particular level.  If a student is studying mathematics at Level 1, he or she will have those lessons in the Level 1 Superstudio.