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The UCL Academy provides expert, comprehensive and timely advice and guidance to its students as they plan the next phase of their education, training or career.  Our support enables all of our students to make effective, compelling and successful applications to the best universities nationally and internationally. 

The programme begins in February of the AS year.  A comprehensive timeline is published explaining what support is given and when.  It alerts students and parents to key dates and, in particular, external deadlines.

Two diagnostic tools are bought in by the Academy: Unifrog and Centigrade.  These, through online questionnaires and information about prior academic attainment, suggest career paths, course choices and Universities that are flagged as being appropriate to the candidate’s aptitudes and skills.

In April the entire AS cohort are taken to the UCAS Higher Education convention.  Here every university and college in the country is represented and students can begin their trawl through the huge number of courses on offer.

During Festival Week in June, training is given on how to make a successful application by Academy staff, UCL Undergraduate Admissions Tutors and former students who have successfully negotiated the process in the previous year.

Students are tasked with writing a first draft personal statement during the long summer break.

Predicted grades are published in September, based on AS examination performance.  This is the final information needed for students to make appropriate course choices.

Those students who wish to apply to Oxbridge or for Medicine, Veterinary Science or Dentistry are closely mentored so that they meet the early deadline of 15th October.  All remaining students are encouraged – and rigorously chased – to make as early an application as possible.

We support the various subject specific aptitude tests required by some courses, for example BMAT (Medicine) and MAT & STEP (Mathematics), for all of which we are an examination centre.  We also enter students for LNAT (Law) but this is taken externally in Holborn.  UKCAT (Medicine), if required, has to be arranged individually by the student.

We help students preparing for interview by arranging mock interviews with experts in the relevant subject, usually with people from outside the Academy so that it closely mimics the real thing as possible.

Finally, on results day in August of the final year, Academy staff are on hand to offer support, guidance, congratulations and, where necessary, persuasive phone calls to universities to further represent your case for a place.

We endeavour to spare no effort to get you onto the university course you have worked so hard to ach ieve.

Director of UCAS Advice & Guidance: Dr. C. Ankerson