UCL Academy Learning to Make a Difference Together
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Who We Are

Sponsored by London’s global university and research institution (UCL) and housed in a unique and bespoke facility in Camden, The UCL Academy is a highly regarded secondary school with a vision of educating global citizens with the confidence, collaborative skills, and aspirations to make a difference.

With specialisms in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and foreign languages — including Mandarin — at the heart of its connected curriculum, the Academy employs both its learning model and ethos to shape students’ understanding of their social responsibilities, the nature of moral and social leadership, and what it means to be a ‘global citizen’.

Operating on ‘stage-not-age’ principles, with students moving through the curriculum levels as they are ready and not necessarily when they reach a particular age, The UCL Academy supports all students to develop responsibility for their learning, ensuring that they continue to be challenged and stimulated by their experiences at school and beyond.

The Academy’s bespoke facility includes state-of-the-art science laboratories, a science lecture theatre, rooms for art, music, drama and engineering, as well as our custom Superstudios — large teaching areas that offer great flexibility for teaching and learning. Since opening in 2012, the Academy has grown in size, and currently houses all year groups, from Foundation (Year 7) to Level 3/3+ (Sixth Form)We operate on a co-principal model, which you can read more about in our most recent termly newsletter.

We believe school should be an exciting, stimulating place to learn, with a curriculum that focuses on problem solving, skills development and ‘real-world’ issues and ideas. Through our holistic and integrated approach to learning, pedagogy, and assessment, students learn to be critical and creative thinkers; ambitious, but also idealistic and committed to ethical behaviour, and sensitive to cultural difference.