The Academy Day

The Academy day seeks to make full use of the time available for learning. Learning sessions are divided into 55-minute periods with some lessons lasting up to 110 minutes. These longer sessions encourage deeper learning and engagement. A later start for L3 recognises the unique nature of adolescent development and provides these young adults with the time to prepare for learning.

The standard Academy day includes 25 minutes of House time when pastoral groups come together to meet with their form tutor and take part in assemblies and the pastoral curriculum.

Our extended day offers all students with the opportunity to arrive at the Academy from 8am to be part of breakfast clubs and includes the allocation of time between 3:35 and 4:30 (for lower school) and 4:30-5:30 (for upper school) to take part in the Self-Directed Learning (SDL) programme.

Our Current Working Day

 08.30am-9.25am  Period 1A
 9.25am-10.20am  Period 1B
 10.20am-10.40am  Recess
 10.40am-11.10am  House Time / Tutor Time 
 11.10am-12.05pm  Period 2A
 12.05pm-1.00pm  Period 2B
 1.00pm-1.50pm  Period 3A for Level 2 & Level 3 / Lunch for Foundation & Level 1
 1.50pm-2.40pm  Period 3A for Foundation & Level 1 / Lunch for Level 2 & Level 3 
 2.40pm-3.35pm  Period 3B
 3.35pm-4.30pm   Clubs / Enrichment – Self Directed Learning (3 days per week)


The Academy Working Day from September 2019

Monday – Thursday:

Students arrive by 08.25am

08.30am-08.50am Morning House Time
08.50am-09.40am Session 1A
09..40am-10.30am Session 1b
10.30am-10.50am Recess – All students
10.50am – 11.40am Session 2a
11.40am-12.30pm Session 2b
12.30pm-1.20pm Lower School Lunch
12.30pm-1.20pm Session 3A for Upper School
1.20pm-2.10pm Session 3a for Lower School
1.20pm-2.10pm Upper School Lunch
2.10pm-3.00pm Session 3c
3.00pm-3.50pm Session 4 Upper School
3.00pm-3.50pm SDL for Lower School


Students arrive by 08.25am

08.30am-09.10am PSHE House Time
09.10am-10.00am Session 1A
10.00am-10.50am Session 1b
10.50am-11.10am Recess – All students
11.10am-12.00pm Session 2a
12.00pm-12.50pm Session 2b
12.50pm-1.40pm Lower School Lunch
12.50pm-1.40pm Session 3A for Upper School
1.40pm-2.25pm Session 3a for Lower School
1.40pm-2.25pm Upper School Lunch
2.25pm-3.15pm Session 3c