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The building

The UCL Academy is housed in brand-new, purpose-built accommodation on Adelaide Road in Swiss Cottage, North London.

The building is specifically designed to support the curriculum and pastoral structures that the school offers.

The Academy’s facilities include:

  • State-of-the-art science laboratories and a science demonstration theatre for interactive lectures, experiments and talks by visiting academics from UCL;
  • An engineering science suite, which will include workshops and technology and science labs (for electronics and for engineering physics) designed to give students the experience of ‘being engineers’;
  • Suites of rooms for art, music and drama, including highly-equipped performance spaces;
  • ‘House’ spaces, providing comfortable, welcoming places for students to eat together, and to use for informal study during breaks and before and after school.

Much of a student’s learning at the UCL Academy takes place in Superstudios – large teaching areas which have been specifically designed to provide the best possible facilities for students to use for:

  • Classroom group learning
  • Project-based work and pair work
  • Work in small and large groups
  • Individual, independent study
  • Discussions and presentations

Take a look below at the initial plans for the building, designed by Penoyre & Prasad: